Doja Biscotti Strain Australia

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Doja Biscotti Strain Australia

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Doja Biscotti Strain Australia

Doja Biscotti Strain Australia

Doja pax Biscotti strain is a crossing between the two very potent Gelato 41 and Motor Breath 15 strains. The Fire Society is an original breeder and the Doja Pax, Doja Exclusive and dojagang is a great and powerful distributer of Biscotti weed strain.

But now in the market Loud pack vape comes to ship of this product in our all the Europe. Biscotti weed strain is very popular in the cannabis field with different genetic strains; like cake, blue and white biscotti boys Can strain. Doja Biscotti Strain Australia

Doja Pax Biscotti Strain Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

Aroma: I opened up the bag and was struck hard in my nose with a creamy burst of Gelato. A creamy smooth nutty spice having a small gas that tappers off to a slight peppery walnut on the back. The gelato overpowers the entire musk of this cut, just a truly divine scent that fills the room.
Appearance: When the bag opened my eyes met several beautiful frosty nugs. That had a near-flawless structure and only popped using tones of deep purples and greens to bright reddish colors. Even the trichomes were mad and just shine as bright as the mind of Mr clean. As you snapped the bud from the light it had this rainbow to the full face of the plant and glowing orange pistils that grasped closely into the flower. The purple pops mixed with vibrant glowing greens and also a heavy layer of sugary glistening trichomes.

Taste: On the dry pull of the jay I let out a long Homer Simpson. As your mouth filled with a sweet-sour ever so slight gas which stuck to my mind. Upon a deeper heated pull, it leaned toward a small limey citrusy pepper, definitely full of a variety of terps. I sparked up it and onto the inhale I was first met with a flavorful mix of flavor, sweet, creamy, peppery, and smooth with a slight hashy piney earthiness. upon the chuckle, it had a small taste of vanilla with a hint of cinnamon and mixed nicely. With an incredibly smooth hashy resiny flavor. Overall an incredible toke that had a long slow burn. So, that kept its flavor until it had been gone along with burnt white blossoms. Doja Biscotti Strain Australia

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4 packs, OZ (28grams), QP (11grams), HP (228grams), P (454grams)

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