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Sour Haze Strain has pure sativa flowers that smell so sour they’ll make the nose scrunch up. The scent has a definite citrus quality, and when burned these buds taste like diesel-dipped lemon peels.

Lab tests place its potency around 19-26% THC, making this strain significantly stronger than the average.

This strain will provide a frantic, energetic buzz in the head lending itself to focus, functionality, and all around fun times. It may work well to manage headaches, migraines, glaucoma, chronic pain and inflammation, fatigue, exhaustion, or preventing appetite. Best recommended for morning and early daytime use, although experienced smokers may be able to handle its energizing effects at night.

Effects and Usage Sour Haze Strain

The most common side effect from this strain is cottonmouth. Those sensitive to sativas may experience paranoia, anxiety, or lightheadedness.

Users describe the it’s high as an instantly uplifting and energetic head high that leaves you active and motivated with a moderate case of the giggles. If too much is smoked at once, Sour Haze has the tendency to leave you paranoid, dizzy, and very anxious.

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