Buy Kosher Kush Australia

Buy Kosher Kush Australia

Can it get much better than a pure Indica? With upwards of 25% THC and a resilient structure, Kosher Kush marijuana aims to do just that.

Kosher Kush marijuana is a strain with qualities that appeal to every category of consumer. Highly sedative and ideal for evening use and the treatment of insomnia, it’s onset can trigger an upswing in the mood that some have discovered brings on a fit of the giggles, albeit as you lay stretched out on the couch. Keep snacks close at hand, as Kosher Kush marijuana will remove the urge to rise from your place of total relaxation.

On the nose, Kosher Kush marijuana is earthy with notes of forest-y pine, a fragrance that can completely fill a room with its presence. Gardeners can encourage the aromatic profile and impressiveness of this strain by providing Kosher Kush marijuana seeds a healthy dose of nutrients and regular pruning. Taking longer than most indica strains, Kosher Kush can require up to 10 weeks of flowering before it’s ready to be harvested, but come time, growers will enjoy a bumper crop of between 16 and 19 ounces of sticky cannabis that you’ll want to share with the best of friends.


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