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Forbidden Fruit Strain is a name that any cannabis enthusiast will recognise. Also known as Le Fruit Defendu, Forbidden Fruit is a potent indica dominant hybrid with chunky pebble-shaped buds and amazingly fresh and smooth flavour.

The hybrid has a genetic makeup of approximately 30% Sativa and 70% Indica. Although it will improve your mood, help clear your mind, and make you feel cheerful and talkative, most marijuana lovers love Forbidden Fruit for its capacity to relax the whole body and mind.

With a powerful THC level of 23-26%, Forbidden Fruit is, without a doubt, one of the strongest-hitting marijuana strains you can smoke. It is a favourite choice for many pot lovers and has won many awards for its delectable flavour, euphorically sedating high, and efficacy. This hybrid will leave you glued to your couch for hours on end in a foggy and delightful state.


Forbidden Fruit is an offspring of two very strong strains, namely Cherry Pie and Tangie. Cherry Pie is robust and very delicious, with strong mind-stimulating effects.

Tangie, on the other hand, is an incredibly strong Sativa known for boosting mood and spirit and putting users in a beautiful dreamlike state of relaxation.

Since Forbidden Fruit is more of an indica than a Sativa, its effects tend to be more sedative rather than stimulating. This explains the deeply relaxing feeling users experience when they smoke the hybrid.

The effects of Forbidden Fruit start strong and gradually reduce into a lethargic intoxication. After your first puff, you’ll feel a strong wave of euphoric high rushing through your veins, and you’ll start giggling and smiling as you enjoy the moment.

All your worries and concerns will fade away, and you’ll fall into a beautiful, thoughtful state where you’re less concerned with the past or future. Forbidden Fruit’s effects can be best described as an out of this world physical and mental ecstasy.

Appearance, Flavour, and Aroma

Forbidden Fruit is a good-looking cannabis strain. It has purplish-orange dense buds with an icy crystalline layer and tiny orange hairs. Its outer layer is very sticky and will leave residue on your fingers and grinders.

The delicious aroma of the Forbidden Fruit is not easy to resist. The strain has a distinctively smooth, sweet, and fruity flavour with berry and lemony undertones. Its assorted flavours blend together perfectly to make the hybrid one of the most flavoursome marijuana strains ever made.

You’ll most definitely fall in love with the tempting aroma of this awesome strain.



Forbidden Fruit is a lot easier to cultivate than most other weed strains. It requires low maintenance since it doesn’t attract pests, diseases, or mold. As such, it is the best strain to grow for first-time growers who are just finding their footing in marijuana cultivation.

When cultivating Forbidden Fruit indoors, you need to make sure there is sufficient light for the strain to produce as much as possible consumable herb. Also, make sure to maintain room temperature and protect your plants from humid conditions. When it comes to watering, it is advisable to water your plants thinly to avoid root rot.

Forbidden Fruit takes about eight to ten weeks to flower. Growers are advised to be patient with this strain and only harvest when the plants reach the ten-week mark. With patience and the right growing conditions, growers can expect about three ounces of high-quality buds per square foot.

Medical Uses

The mind-stimulating and calming effects produced by Forbidden Fruit make it an excellent strain for managing various health conditions. The strain is perfect at managing chronic pain, headaches, migraines, and muscle spasms.

People who struggle with lack of appetite and mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and chronic stress are advised to go for Forbidden Fruit to naturally manage their conditions.

Do you have trouble going to sleep or anxious about what to expect tomorrow? This is the perfect strain for you. Just make sure not to exceed your limit if you don’t want to feel couch-locked or experience other marijuana side effects.

Possible Side Effects

If overused, Forbidden Fruit can cause itchy eyes, dry mouth, and dry eyes. These adverse reactions are a result of dehydration and can be avoided by drinking plenty of water during and after smoking.

On rare occasions, Forbidden Fruit can also make you anxious or a little paranoid. In case you experience anxiety or paranoia after smoking Forbidden Fruit, consider taking a cold shower and make sure to stay in the shower for about ten minutes. You may also drink a hot cup of coffee, take a walk, or involve yourself in a physical activity such as running or swimming.

Overall, Forbidden Fruit is an excellent choice for weed enthusiasts looking for a true indica strain that’s great for recreational use and managing medical conditions. Its buds are dense with tiny orange hairs and an icy crystalline coating, and it is insanely delicious and incredibly smooth.


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